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Feb 20, 2011 6:00am PST
approving budget cuts that would eliminate money for hundreds of federal programs including president obama's high speed rail plan. federal support for family planning and public broadcasting. the unlikely event the democratic-controlled senate should do the same, president obama has pledged to veto it. pirates who hijacked the yacht of an american couple say they will take it to somalia today. that could make it more difficult to rescue jeanne and scott adam who have been sailing the world distributing bibles it's believed two other americans are also aboard that yacht. check your mailbox. in a statement britain prince william's office said he and bride to be kate middleton have sent out invitations to their april 29 wedding. if you don't take the cut take comfort in the fact that there's only room for about 1900 get... guests. our national tree in washington is no more. strong winds felled the 47-year-old spruce early yesterday. the parks department says a successor tree will be in place within a few weeks. now for today's weather. winds have calmed in the east. but a large winter storm i
Feb 6, 2011 6:00am PST
on the internet inspired by a campaign speech by then candidate barack obama. yes, we can when inspiration calls you pick up the phone. you give directions how to get to your house. you don't mess around. inspiration. >> reporter: the peas have been everywhere from the victorious secret fashion show to oprah joined by a flash mob of synchronized dancers. >> that oprah thing we did, knockout. that went around the planet, man. >> reporter: viral. >> sped the world up. sped our rotation up. >> reporter: i'll tell you.... >> we spin the world so fast now, i mean, it's like we took five seconds off the minute. now it really should be 55 seconds. >> reporter: for will and the other black-eyed peas, all their success is a reminder of the roads they've traveled. >> there are not a lot of things that get me choked up. but when i think about our journey and the things we're able to do together-- separate and together-- it's amazing. >> reporter: despite occasional rumors, the peas say there's no talk of breaking up. >> that's like the stupid tabloids trying to sell you some books, paper. we get along too
Feb 13, 2011 6:00am PST
square, cairo. >> osgood: here at home tomorrow president obama will unveil his proposed 2012 budget. there will be some cuts in federal spending we're told although nowhere near what some republicans say is needed. the conservative politicxsf9ó$); conference came to an end in washington yesterday with a straw poll of likely g.o.p. presidential candidates. texas congressman ron paul finished first. followed by former massachusetts governor mitt romney. the government of malaise a has labeled valentine's day a trap. officials there are warning g dinner dates, roses, saying that sort of thing can tempt young people into indecent behavior. now the weather. at long last something of a thaw is taking hold across the country. temperatures will be well above freezing today. the warming trends will continue for a few days although spring is still five weeks away. it's coming though. pitchers and catchers start reporting this week to spring training.z#p7o >> you are responsible for the occupation of iraq. >> supposedly. >> osgood: ahead, david martin talks with former defense secretary donal
Feb 27, 2011 6:00am PST
by his family. president obama said yesterday that qaddafi has lost the legitimacy of his rule and needs to do what is right for his country and leave office. more now from kelly in tripoli. >> reporter: the libyan people have turned on moammar qaddafi. yet he vows to die fighting rather than release his 42-year grip on power. he sent armed militia to patrol the streets of the capital where anti-government demonstrators are burying their neighbors, killed they say by qaddafi's gunman. >> this is not our government to kill our... these are humans. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands have already declared themselves free and are setting up their own government in benghazi where the revolution began. with qaddafi former justice minister at the top. he was among the first to switch sides. and the libyan leader's enemies are closing in on him. in the east, they control land from the egyptian border through benghazi all the way to the town of surt where they'll being held back by hard core loyalists from qaddafi's tribe. in the west the opposition now holds al-zawiyah just 30 miles from tripoli
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)